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Cheryl Freund, the founder and designer behind ceejayeff, has an artistic core and an attraction to detail. As the daughter of textile designers turned furniture retailers, she was born with an innate understanding of color and pattern. The young girl who ran around the furniture store like it was her personal playground was also learning the basics of design through osmosis. Her surroundings and upbringing built the foundation for a creative career. 

Cheryl was a student of the arts beginning at a young age. She obsessed over the creative aspects of school assignments and spent her free time crafting gifts for friends. As her skills developed, she was drawn to creating sculptural objects. Cheryl further developed her inventive passion during her time at Temple University’s Tyler School of Art. When she was introduced to jewelry making, she quickly understood the techniques and materials. She realized that the medium combined what she knew about sculpture and loved about body adornment. 

Since graduating from college in 2011, Cheryl has worked for high-end manufacturers. Her need to express her individuality drove her to create her own jewelry line. She draws inspiration from her childhood, the places she has traveled, and the art and architecture she has seen.

Cheryl’s talent and training are reflected in the ceejayeff collection. You will love her designs and want to wear them all the time. She hopes you bring your own story to every piece.


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